Canned Good

Ideal For

  • Energizing business innovation
  • Inspiring the spirit of giving
  • Media opportunities for corporate social responsibility
  • Engaging the mind and hands in creative problem solving

Group Size

16 – 200+

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirements

A table for each team, or for more casual groups 25 sq ft open floor space per participant is a good estimate.

Something special happens when people come together to accomplish a common goal for the benefit of others.

This team building canned sculptures event is all about caring and feeding – for both your business and your community. With this powerful learning opportunity you will engage your team in expressing those ideas for business improvement and innovation.

Teams will be broken into enterprise groups to share and discuss ideas that could improve business effectiveness and efficiency. These ideas will then be expressed in an iconic form using canned and boxed food and critiqued by a panel of judges.

Can Sculpting team building events offer a fun, creative way to improve employee morale and teamwork skills while providing a food donation to local food banks. Use your resources to improve people’s lives and improve business strategies. It takes a team to raise a community.

“Our event was AMAZING. Scott and his team were just so energizing and really made the day fun. I would DEFINITELY utilize your program again thanks, thanks, thanks.”
M.M. – Savantage Solutions


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