Our Programs

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Teambonding has created this site dedicated to some of the coolest team building events around.

Our carving and sculpting programs are sure to bring out the creative and team spirits of all your group members. These events will get your teams working together in a fun setting developing ideas and executing them with the help of our pros and facilitators! From ice breakers to conferences, sculpteams is sure to deliver and create lasting bonds for virtually any team size.

Something for Everyone

There is something for everybody with Sculpteams. If you are looking for an altruistic event search no further than the Can Sculpting. What about a little nostalgia? How about revisiting the classic childhood activities of pumpkin carving or playing in the sand? Maybe you want something totally different, something you never thought you’d get a chance to do—then ice sculpting has your business logo written all over it!

Here to Stay

We’ve been at this team building thing for over two decades, so we know a thing or two about getting teams engaged by using the power of play. Choosing the right team building event for your group is good for morale and great for business. Let us help you decide which event is the perfect fit for your group today!