Ice Sculpting

Q How large is a single-block sculpture?
A A single-block Ice Sculpture is carved from a block of ice that is 40″ Tall x 20″ Wide X 10″ deep. Most single block sculptures are vertical and are 40″ tall. Some designs are fused, and have slightly different dimensions. Many of our sculptures have dimensions listed when you click on a thumbnail.

Q How long will our Ice Sculpture Last?
A An Ice Sculpture’s detail will last up to 6 hours indoors, such as a reception hall. For outdoor events, it depends on the temperature and placement of the ice sculpture. Sculptures typically melt about 1/4 of an inch per hour. It is especially important to keep sculptures out of direct sunlight.

Q What happens to all the water when it melts?
A A drip pan is placed underneath each sculpture, with a clear hose attached in the back. The hose goes to a container underneath the table the ice sculpture is on. All the water is contained.

Q Can you create an original or customized sculpture for us?
A Absolutely! We can work from any idea you may have. Almost anything can be carved out of ice. Many were created from our customer’s ideas.

Q What tools do you use to carve the ice?
A Die grinders, angle grinders, router bits, chisels, heat guns, torches, and love and patience.

Sand Sculpting

Q What is a sand sculpture made of?
A Just sand and water. No artificial ingredients.

Q What is the process you use to create a professional sand sculpture?
ALike any great piece of art, sand sculpting requires much hard work. Our process relies on just as much planning and preparation as it does on actual sculpting.

Q What if we aren’t near the beach?
A No need to be near the beach! We can improvise! The sand can be delivered all over the country so don’t worry, we can help with this.

Q What if the sand sculpture collapses? Can this be prevented?
A A good sculptor can assess the sand he has to work with and will carve a piece according to the quality of the material. This is how an experienced sculptor can guarantee a successful event without worry of a collapse.


Q Who can participate in a carving or sculpting event?
A Almost anyone, typically from businesses that value and invest in their own people, understand the worth of good relationships with customers and suppliers, or need to motivate and manage teams.

Here are a few of the typical business scenarios where a Sculpteams program would be beneficial:

  • Celebrate your team’s success
  • Organizational change, such as separate teams being merged or team with a new manager
  • Building trust with a new client
  • Team needing to develop new skills or improve existing ones
  • Team needing a break between demanding periods of work
  • Newly formed project team
  • Change direction of an established team
  • Recover from a service failure with a key customer or supplier
  • Team ‘stuck’ and unable to resolve either work or relationship problems
  • Reward sustained periods of good work
  • As part of a visit to an office, plant, manufacturer, retailer, or service provider
  • As part of training or an educational for those in the travel industry
  • Time out for delegates at a meeting, conference, exhibition, or trade fair
  • Team seeking to mix business and pleasure
  • Tackling a business problem off-site
  • Recruitment and selection

Q What will my team/business get out of a sculpteams event?
A Success in building teams is affected by the group, the task, and the environment. What your team derives from the sculpting or carving program depends on the individual, the business scenario, and the objectives of the event chosen, but typically:

  • Team work and co-operation are fostered through friendly competition
  • Decisions (and mistakes) are made in a safe environment, enabling participants to learn and build confidence
  • Trust is built through improved departmental, individual, or external relationships
  • Staff become more aware of themselves and others
  • Individual potential can be realized or discovered
  • Leadership, problem solving, planning, and communication skills are tested and developed

The net result for the business and employees is that increased effectiveness, involvement, motivation, morale and knowledge sharing are brought back to the workplace from this team building alliance. This provides a good basis for discussion of problems, formulation of new ideas, and quicker implementation of improved work methods—giving your staff more responsibility and motivation, and making your business more adaptable and flexible.

How do I contact Sculpteams?

Nanci Kirkland, Direct line: (339)230-0919 or Email Nanci
Kara Paladino, Direct line: (781)793-9702 or Email Kara