About Us

You’ve found Sculpteams, the carving and sculpting division of TeamBonding, the award-winning, nationwide corporate team building company.

team shotIce Sculpting as a team building event was suggested in a new program meeting at Teambonding and everyone laughed. Who is going to do this? Are we going to provide chain saws? Client after client loved the idea, the teamwork and the resulting sculptures.  Take a look around the site and you’ll see what we mean.

It has evolved to include everything carving and sculpting because we realized just how much people love it! Our clients come back year after year for unique events such as these, and for that reason, we thought we’d dedicate a page to carving and sculpting, to showcase the diversity and fun they offer!

At Sculpteams and TeamBonding, we are passionate about using the power of play as an effective tool (in this case, a chisel or carving knife!) for helping your team learn, grow, and…well, bond.

Founded by David Goldstein, a non-stop innovator and creator, Sculpteams continues to blaze the trails for one-of-a-kind programs. He has a knack for knowing what it takes to get individuals engaging as a team through unbeatable and memorable events. You won’t find this kind of team building anywhere else!

When you choose a Sculpteams, you’re choosing a team building event that matches the needs of your team. We will cater to your group based on location and desired outcomes. With an array of sculpting and carving events your team will be fully immersed in the team building experience.

No need to chisel out any more time planning your next event: We’ll take it from here!

What Else We Do


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